Soap Challenge Club February 2021 - The Kiss Pour!

Kiss Pour soap challenge Soap Challenge Club

Hello purveyors and patrons of all things sudsy!  

It's yet another month and another challenge!  This month we are forging into the unknown and yet adventurous waters of the Kiss Pour.  This technique became know through Joanne Watkins who introduced this for the Design Mania Contest.  This technique involved several skill sets including mixing soap batter to a very thin trace, designing a color palette involving several colors, managing two pouring containers while "kissing" the two streams together, and finally, planing, beveling, and displaying this finished product.  The finished product must have defined and obvious feathering without the colors being muddied.  This requires VERY careful mixing of the batter, and if choosing to do so, utilizing a fragrance oil that does not accelerate the saponification process.  

I attempted this technique three different times.  I used my regular recipe and used fragrances that I am familiar with.  My first attempt, I confess, I completely botched.  I didn't mix it to emulsion and my fragrance oil separated during the oven processing.  The batter was super runny and the colors were muddled.  I think I just got worried that my batter would not work for me even though I used this recipe for all kinds of designs in the past.  From this, I realized that I needed to trust myself, my product, and the process that I know.  

On my second attempt, I used a different mold and went with a rainbow color scheme.  Frankly, I loved this soap!  I used Tobacco and Bay Leaf from Brambleberry which is one of my favorite fragrances ever.  The soap turned out super smooth and glasslike and the colors were beautiful and interesting . . . . a really lovely soap.  I decided to not use this soap for the challenge only because I didn't feel that the feathering was really obvious.  I poured this soap from one pour point.

On my third and last attempt, I decided to do a cool/warm color scheme and poured from three separate locations.  The fragrance for this soap with Abalone and Sea from Wholesale Supplies Plus.  The feathering was perfect and crisp and the colors lovely! I think these soaps really displayed the technique and fulfilled the requirement of the challenge.  

I hope your 2021 is going well thus far and that this blog post finds you healthy and safe.  

Best wishes,



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  • Tracy Gregory on

    I think each of these are equally stunning. Truly Awesome!

  • Amy Warden on

    Trust the process – words to live by! You did a great job working with so many different colors! The rainbow effect is just beautiful – especially how the colors feather together. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

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