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Hello again!

The soap challenge for this month was to create a crystal effect utilizing coarse salt.  The soap was required to be made via the cold process method and could be embellished with well-placed cracks and mica to enhance these cracks. 

My entry for this month's bonus entry was my first attempt at this technique.  I utilized my 3.5" x 10" loaf mold for this particular bar and then poured the batter 1.25" thick. I colored the salt before placement with rose pearl mica and carefully placed it strategically throughout the loaf mold.  I used the picture below for inspiration on colors.

I decided to use my typical recipe at (36%) and divided off 25% to color purple.  The rest, I colored with green mica.  My idea was to cover the salt with the purple for a geode surrounded with color type effect, but I didn't quite achieve what I was going for.  

I made sure to mix it to medium trace so as to not allow the batter to filter through the salt, and lightly mixed in an oil/mica drizzle.  

Following the pour, I placed the log mold in the oven at 170deg, left it at this temp x 15 min (since I soaped at room temp), turned the oven off and left the light on for the night.  In the morning, I unmolded the soap and cut it at 2.5". I added some wine colored mica to accent the pink of the salt.

Finally, I added some well-placed cracks around the mica swirls and added navy blue mica to the cracks to enhance them.  I then cleaned the surface of the soap with some rubbing alcohol to make the mica lines clean.

This soap is scented with Kismet from Nurture Soap.  Colored with Orchid Mica from Brambleberry, Rose Pearl Mica from Brambleberry, Merlot Sparkle Mica from Brambleberry, Emerald Mica from Nurture Soap, Dark Navy Blue Mica from Nurture Soap, and Proud Peacock from Nurture Soap.

Have a blessed week everyone!  

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